Monday, April 10, 2017

Screencastify-Christian Huriwai

Recount- Playing Rugby in Okaihau.

I am learning to use the correct structure and language for Recount Writing..
Playing Rugby in Okaihau
On Saturday afternoon my team Tautoro Titans and I were playing Rugby in Okaihau. I was very very very fearful of playing tackle rugby but when I had a go it didn’t feel bad. It felt super cool. When it was the second round I did amazing fending. Matua Matt said, “We are playing well but we need to strip the ball off the other team, better.”
The other team were running then Ranga tried to strip the ball but he tackled a boy from the other team. Rangamarama got the ball and was running as fast as he could. Then Ranga passed the ball. I wanted it but Andy got in the way and got the ball. He ran and ran and it looked like he was going as fast as lightning but then he got tackled. Then Jahvis got the ball. He used his muscles to fend off the other players but he still got tackled. After that Chris got the ball and lost it straight away.Then the other team got the ball and scored a try.
I know we lost the games but we still had fun.
I think tackle rugby is my best game.