Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Recount Writing-Fire Brigade Cup

WALT add details to help our readers understand our story.

You can also add interesting words, talking, similes, feelings and thoughts.

At Fire Brigade Cup Sports Day
On Thursday morning my school went to play rippa rugby and soccer in Kaikohe and to have fun games. My team and I were playing soccer at  Lindvart Park.
I felt pumped to get a goal at the fields.
When we got to the Soccer fields we saw lots of teams. So I bolted to the first game. It was Tautoro vs Kaikohe West.
I said, “Whoa they are big. They look hard to verse.”           
I felt eager to play and score but we lost the game.
Shortly after that we had a game against Okaihau. They were big kids. They had good control of the ball. They were very skilled players. We lost against them. I said, “Oh no we lost another game.”
I felt a bit sad but I was still keen to play more games.
Our next game was against Kaikohe West again. We lost again because Tuishaly got scared of the ball when the team kicked the ball hard.
Later on it was time go home.
I said, “That was super cool.”
Finally my mum was ready to go.
I thought it was the best day ever.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Te Reo Maori

I am learning to give and follow instructions in Te Reo Maori

Toku Pepeha

I have been learning to say my Pepeha with confidence.

Term 2 Goal Setting

I have achieved all of my goals this Term.
I feel ecstatic and proud of myself. I worked hard to achieve my goals.