Thursday, March 30, 2017

Persuasive writing - Healthy eating.

I think we should eat healthy food
WALT use the correct structure for Persuasive Writing.
I think we should eat healthy food.
Firstly I think we should eat healthy food because your skin and your body will work properly. Secondly I think we should eat healthy food then all the nutrients in the food will keep you up all day. Another reason I think we should eat healthy food because we will learn and play and won’t be tired. Lastly I think we should eat healthy food then we will be full of beans all day. So that is why I think we should eat healthy food.

Google Draw poster-Healthy eating

Monday, March 27, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Recount writing - Going fishing

I am learning to use the correct structure and language for Recount Writing.
Going fishing
On Sunday morning me and Uncle Andy and Taria and Treah and Aunty Roxy went out fishing. We went in Opononi on the wharf. Treah caught the first fish, then Taria, then me. First you cast the fishing rod and when the fish are grabbing the rod and trying to escape you yank it up so the hook can go right through. Then you try and reel it up a little bit just in case the fish is on there. I caught 5 fish and 9 hooks that got loose. My Uncle said, “Wow that is lots of hooks you got V.J.” I think we got over 15 fish. My Uncle caught nothing because he was too busy fixing the fishing rods. But sometimes he was helping us when the fish were too big. I think I caught a very strong stingray or a snag. We were using squid and dropping the line down all the way to the bottom and then it was better because you got more fish. The squid really did the trick. It must be yummy for the fish. My Uncle was saying, “Wow squidward is yummy.” My rod and Treah’s rod were bending so hard that it looked like the rods were going to snap. When we ran out of squid we thought we had to go but we forgot  about the bait so Uncle Andy pulled out the bait and we were so surprised and said, “Wow.” “Yes yes yes!” We were so happy that we could keep on fishing.
We only had 4 more pieces of bait left that lasted long enough. My Uncle said “1 more fish and then we will go” So the last person who got a fish was Taria. She shouted, “Yes, Yes, I got one.”
Then we went home and had a good kai.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Here are my learning goals for Term 1 2017.

Recount Writing - Minecraft Game

I am learning to organise my ideas using the correct structure and language for Recount Writing.
Yesterday me and Hilton were pretending to play a minecraft game at school. I thought me and Hilton were crazy running away from nothing. I think that Herobrine is the toughest player in the game he can fly too. I think Herobrine is as tough as superman.
I said, “Wow Herobrine is super strong.”

I know who is most deadly. It is the Enderdragon. Sometimes I like zombies and skeletons. Slenderman I think is 4th best. Creepers are my worst nightmare. They creep up on you and they kill you by exploding. You can build a shelter with your blocks and hide in the best spots. Hilton is a pro at that game. He can kill anything and find the best spots and it is in the middle. If you are on the side, the Creeper will come by the wall and blow you up. That is what Hilton did to Penaia. Then the bell rang and it was time get to class. Our game was so cool. I really enjoyed playing it with Hilton and Penaia.