Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recount Writing-I went to the Park

WALT add details to help our readers understand our story.

I also added interesting words, talking, similes, feelings and thoughts.

I went to the park.
On Saturday afternoon me and mum drove to the park in Kaikohe to play.
I felt pumped to see all the things to play on.
When we got to the park we saw the swing, the slide and every fun thing.
I said, “Wohoo, so many things to play on”
The first thing I did at the park was speeding to the slide. It looked like the funniest thing in the park. Then I bolted to the swing I said, “Wheee, I'm going so high.”
I felt like a flying bird on the swing. I was going so high. As high as a plane.
Next I ran to the monkey bars. On the monkey bars I was climbing like a monkey.
I said, “Mum, Dad, Nan, look at me. I’m going backwards.”
I felt a like a monkey swinging backwards and forwards.
After that I chose the last thing to play on. I said, “Mmmmm, let’s play on the slide one more time.”  So I did.
I felt like the luckiest kid ever.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Recount Writing- Playing outside

WALT add lots of detail and information in our writing so our readers understand the story.
Thursday 15 June 17
Playing outside
On Saturday me Andy and Traeh played some games at home. First we played dodgeball. We grabbed the ball and started the game. We had to throw the ball at each other. Ouch! Treah shot me. Then I was in. I tried to get Andy but I missed. I said, “Oh no! Andy dodged the ball. I will just go for Traeh.” Then I got Traeh. He went for me. I tried to do Andy’s trick. It worked because I dodged Traeh’s ball. The game got boring. Next we played soccer then Joeche arrived. Then the game got fair because before it would have been 2 vs 1 but now it was 2 vs 2. So it was me and Joeche. Andy said, “I have the speed and VJ has the tricks.” Andy was as fast as Uncle Matt and I was as tricky as Uncle Matt. Andy’s team scored a point. Treah thought he was better than me so we versed each other. Treah kicked it out and had to kick it to me but he kicked it into my goal. That was 1 point for me. Then Treah got a goal. We were a tie. Then we played volleyball.  Me and Andy made up a little net but it was still a bit big. Andy was good at this game so it was me and Treah vs Andy. The ball was pumped up really hard. That made it really painful to hit. I could barely hit it so we played volleyball but with kicking the ball instead of hitting it. It was still sore so we played another game. Then it was time to go home.

My mum called me so I was speeding home. I told my Mum about my awesome day of playing games with my cousins. It was exciting and fun.