Sunday, December 10, 2017

PAT maths test results Term 4 2017

E_asttle writing test Term 4 2017.

Here is my Term 4 writing test result.
I am working at Level 3b.
That means I am working above my expected National Standard level in Writing.

STAR reading test results Tem 4 2017

Here are the results of my Term 4 2017 STAR test.
I got a Stanine of 5 which is achieving at average.
I scored well in Word recognition, sentence comprehension and  paragraph 
comprehension. I need to work on building up my vocabulary.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Toku Pepeha

Te Reo Maori and singing.

I am learning to sing in tune.
I am learning to pronounce words in Te Reo Maori correctly.

My thoughts about Tautoro School.

Tautoro School

I think Tautoro School is the best learning school ever.
I think school is fun and fantastic.
Also we have sports with Matua Matt, like Basketball, Hockey, soccer and slapball.
Also we learn with Miss Paraha and the best of all we get to dance with Whaea Dorothy.
We always have Whaea Janet to help us with our spelling.
She’s fun too.
We learn so many different things and we are able to use our chromebook to help with our learning.
I like starting off the Term by setting my learning goals and I try to achieve my goals.

So that’s why I think Tautoro is incredible.

Number knowledge Stage 5

Number Knowledge stage 5

Monday, December 4, 2017

Recount Writing- Watching the Breakers.

WALT to use the correct structure and language for Recount Writing.
Watching the Breakers.
On Friday morning me, Andy, and Aunty Jean drove to the Christian School to hop on the bus to go to the Auckland Basketball court. First me, Andy, and Aunty Jean got in the bus. It was a long journey in the bus. When we got to the games our whole team followed a lady. Next we went into a little place where the Breakers were.
Later on our whole team got a t-shirt for our game.
When we got picked to go on the court the team played well.
When I got picked I was running as fast as I could, so fast that I was able to get the ball off someone.
Then everyone ran on the court and our time left was 43 seconds. When time ran out we won. I was so proud.
After that, my team got a slushy for excellent work.
Shortly after the Breakers and the Wildcats were warming up.
Then it was the game Breakers vs Wildcats.
My team was cheering so hard.
While the game was on, me, Andy, and Aunty Jean walked to the shop in the hallway. I had $20. It looked so clear and beautiful down there. I bought a LandP drink, a Breakers handball and a Breakers key ring for my Mum. That left $1.
I wanted to buy me a new very expensive cool Breakers hat but they were $69.
I went back to watch the game. It was so cool and amazing.
The Breakers players were doing some amazing dunks. The game was so fast because they didn’t have many outs.

The game was over. The Breakers lost but all I know is they tried their best.