Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Taking flight

WALT: Plan and write a recount based on taking flight” animation.
The wonderful adventure
chapter 1 the sad bit
Yesterday morning my dad dropped me off at grandad’s
House. First I hopped out of the car and I fell over. Next I followed dad to  grandad. Grandad said “sit tite”.
I felt sad.

chapter 2 the wagon
Then I saw something I climbed up the shelf and got it down.
It was a picture of dad on a wagon.
Grandad came over and said “that use to your dads wagon how about we take it for a spin”. I said “ok”.

chapter 3 the Imagination
After that grandad said “ put hands and legs in at all times”
So  grandad took me for a spin and he said “there are monkeys around here they cause a lot of trouble.
Then we ran and then we jumped in the water then in a boat
A crocodile jumped at us it missed us.
Then we fall down a huge waterfall.
Later on me and grandad had lunch and then
The aliens came and blasted the soccer goal
Later on we had lunch and the aliens came and lazered the soccer goal. So we got in a spaceship and started shooting the aliens.
We had a big day i felt happy so walked home.

The end

WALT follow instructions

WALT: Follow instructions
To be successful I will
  1. screenshot my Learning
  2. explain what I am doing in steps
  3. use the pictures as clues to support me. 

This at the first is what I have succeed 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Explanation Writing - Kindness


Kindness is a helpful nice thing that people do for others.
Kindness is when a person does something thoughtful. For example, when someone comes over and asks you if they could play with you say yes in a nice way that is being kind. Kindness is use for making friend and doing nice things for your friends.

How is kindness used?
Kindness is like nice things like respect your teacher, aroha, manaakitanga and accepting people.

Kindness as making people happy, giving good comments, and feeling grateful For what you get.

I think that kindness is important because it makes people feel special and awesome.

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Sentence structure

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