Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Week 1 Day 2 of my Summer Learning Journey

Activity 1

Tane Mahuta

I have Been to Tane Mahuta many times. I learnt that Tane mahuta is more than 51 meters tall.
My cousin from Austrailia came to NZ to visit tane mahuta with me and my Mum.

Activity 2

Image result for NZ sport ferns

This link wasn't working properly.
Image result for NZ sport ferns
Here is the link

Image result for NZ sport ferns

My first pic is of the Silver ferns. They are world class netball players.

My Second pic is of the black ferns. Fun fact my Basket ball couch Cheryl Smith(Waaka) Use to play for the black ferns.

My third pic is of the foot ball ferns. They are world class players.

Activity 3

My cactus will need 1095 ML of water per year to survive.
Here are workings to help figure this maths question.


  1. Kia Ora Victor-Jack,

    It’s great to see that you have continued to blog with the Summer Learning Journey. Ka Pai!

    When was the last time you visited Tane Mahuta? You are very lucky that you have had the chance to visit multiple times. I’m hoping to finally visit Tane Mahuta when I drive up for Christmas this year. Are you travelling to spend time with family for Christmas or are your whanau hosting Christmas at your whare?

    We are so lucky as a country to have such world class sports players representing us on the world’s sporting stage. If you could pick a sport to represent New Zealand in , would it be basketball or another sport? I am heading to the Breakers vs Melbourne United game on 1st February. My boyfriend is a massive basketball fan so I can’t wait to surprise him with tickets! Do you follow the Breakers or any of the Australian teams that are coming over to play?

    It’s great that you have posted images like the task asked. Every time that we use an image on our blog, it's really important that we tell our readers where we found it, and give credit to the owner of the picture. To properly credit a picture you will need to include a link to the site where you found the image. We have created a guide that you might find helpful. You can check it out here:

    You will need to follow these instructions to earn full points for any Summer Learning Journey activity that has asked you to post an image :)

    Keep up the awesome mahi!

    Blog ya later,


  2. Thanks Dani for your help I have now entered the links.
    The last time I seen Tane Mahuta was last Christmas with my whanau from Austrailia
    I have seen the Breaker's play in Auckland live. I got to play against a team, we were curtain raiser. We all got given a signed Breakers shirt.

    1. Oh wow! That sounds awesome! Do you remember what the name of the team that you played against for the curtain raiser? Do you still have your signed shirt?

  3. I can't remember the team we played but they were from Auckland.
    Here is a pic of my Breakers TShirt.
    I will post it