Thursday, December 20, 2018

Week 1 Day 3 Of my summer learning journey

Link to my creature :
Activity 1 Mythical Creature

Activity two

After doing research on DOC here are my pro's of a DOC worker:

  1. I can work with animals everyday 
  2. Feeding the animals by hand would be great
  3.  Keeping our bush and forest clear from stotes and rats to protect our birds
Cons of a DOC worker

  1. Getting bitten by the animals
  2. Cleaning all the dead animal remainings up
  3. Keeping the bush and forest clean from rubbish.
So do I want to be a DOC worker

Yes  no  I choose no
Activity 3

WWF is building a snow bank to try save the 360 fresh water seals.

I could not watch the second video


  1. Fakatalofa atu Victor Jack,

    It’s awesome to see that you have posted another three activities. Ka pai! Keep up the great work.

    Your Ghoul is very scary and he doesn’t sound like someone I would like to hang out with, especially if he likes blood to survive! If you were to create your own beast would it be similar to a ghoul? If I could make my own beast I think it would be similar to my big fat ginger cat but it would be a giant cat like creature that has giant rainbow feathered wings so I could ride him to work and avoid all of the Auckland traffic!

    Why wouldn’t you like to be a Doc ranger? Is that because your lists of con’s outweigh your list of pros? I think if the DoC rangers had to deal with the dead bodies of pests rather than the dead bodies of our native animals. Would you rather work for WWF than be a DoC ranger. Imagine all the different animals and countries you could work with if you worked in the WWF. The seals in the video were very lucky to have the WWF volunteers come and build up the snow for them. Do you think that the volunteers made a difference to the seals?

    It's great to see you have used some images in your presentation. Just a friendly reminder that every time that we use an image that we haven’t created on our blog, it's really important that we tell our readers where we found it, and give credit to the owner of the picture. This doesn’t include any pictures from the Summer Learning Journey website, or an image that you have created.

    To properly credit a picture you will need to include a link to the site where you found the image. We have created a guide that you might find helpful. You can check it out here:

    You will need to follow these instructions to earn full points for any Summer Learning Journey activity that has asked you to post an image.

    Can’t wait to read more of your blog posts soon, keep up the awesome work!

    Blog ya later,


    1. Thank you for the feedback Dani.
      I have added the links to my photo's.

  2. Ahi Ahi Marie VJ
    Just So you Know you video Is not Working And I was Unable to Watch ItBut it Is ok Because I have Seen The video Blog You Later,