Monday, December 17, 2018

Week 1 of my Summer learning jouney

Day 1 Of my  Summer learning journey.

Activity 1

Out of the 20 facts I read, here is my 3 facts.

  •  30% of the country is forest.
  • The official language is English and Maori.
  • NZ Is one of the least populated countries with over 4M populations
Activity 2

My home town is Kaikohe. The special thing about my town is our community pool.
It is bigger than an Olympic pool. It is open to the community over the summer period.
My town is special because we have basketball at the collage where our community pools are so everyone can train and we have big rugby fields for rugby players to train and play on. I think we are lucky because most city's don't have what we have.

Activity 3
12 tips

Never share password.
Never give personal  information to strangers.
Never accept friend request from strangers.
Positive footprint.
Post holiday photo's of myself to my family.
Never trust strangers.
Use privacy settings.
Keep a list of accounts.
Don't over share.
Use a password keeper.
Monitor Linking accounts.
Use a secondary email.


  1. Mōrena Victor-Jack,

    My name is Dani, I am a blog commenter for the Kaikohekohe cluster for the Summer Learning Journey this year. I grew up in Okaihau but I now live in Auckland so I can attend university but I still love going home to our family farm.

    It’s great when there is a pool that you can swim in over the summer isn’t it. I used to go with my friends all the time to the Okaihau College pool over summer to cool down. Is there anything else that you can think of that is great about Kaikohe?

    You have some great ideas about what not to share online, Ka pai! It is very important that you don’t share any personal information about yourself or others online. Is there anything else that you can think of that helps create a positive digital footprint online?

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs soon, keep up the great mahi!

    Blog ya later,

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  3. Kia ora VJ,

    Georgia here! I'm so happy to see you are participating in the Summer Learning Journey this summer, you have done a great job so far! I especially liked reading about your hometown, Kaikohe. That is so cool that you have a community pool to use! My best friend has a pool at her house that I always use during the summer because Northland can get so hot!

    You did a fabulous job at the cyber smart activity VJ, it's so important to know what to share and what not to share online. I especially like your comment "use privacy settings", I think that's really important to ensure you're only friends with people you know online.

    Which activity has been your favourite so far?

    Keep up the great work VJ! Can't wait to see more awesome blog posts from you soon.
    Nga mihi, Georgia.